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Vikings fans may get to stock up on booze earlier | NewsCut

The legislation permitting Sunday product sales of booze in Minnesota carried a nagging obstacle for Vikings followers. If you’re out of booze, and the sport begins at midday, how are you supposed to get any when the merchants are not authorized to open until eventually 11 a.m.?

Quick. Improve the legislation so that the merchants can open at 10.

The Dwelling Commerce Committee authorized a monthly bill Friday is taking into consideration introducing the legislation to a bigger measure on liquor coverage in the point out. It took testimony on Friday.

“We consider this improve in several hours will generate additional product sales for liquor merchants,” the bill’s sponsor reported.

He reported the monthly bill is nonpartisan and noncontroversial.

A companion monthly bill in the Senate will be launched on Monday.

(h/t: Session Daily)

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